A taste of Tet

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Tet Quy Mao 2023 - Vietnamese Lunar New Year is coming very close, haven’t you prepared yourself a set of sparkling New Year pictures right now? Along with Meritel Hanoi, check out the names of the most beautiful Tet photo spots in Hanoi below!

1. Nhat Tan Peach Garden

Referring to the most beautiful Tet photography spots in Hanoi, Nhat Tan peach garden cannot be missed. Every Tet comes, there are countless beautiful peach trees not only for customers to buy peaches but also for visitors to visit and take pictures. This is probably a familiar place for young people when Tet comes.

Coming here at this point, you will see girls wearing gorgeous ao dai to take pictures of blooming cherry blossoms under the spring weather. The entrance fee to the photo garden is not too expensive, ranging from 40,000 VND to 50,000 VND depending on the garden, and you can take a delightful photo and have yourself sparkling beautiful Tet photos!

⁃ Do not snap or tweak branches and flowers
⁃ The path here is not really clean, so remember to wear a mask and avoid wearing white shoes
- You should come in the afternoon so that you can watch the beautiful sunset after seeing the flowers

2. Quang Ba flower market

Quang Ba Flower Market is known as the capital’s largest wholesale market for flowers. This is also known as one of the most beautiful Tet photography spots in Hanoi. With countless colorful flowers, the flower market appears with a strange and unique beauty like no other.

The market is located along Nghi Tam street, Hanoi. Coming here, you can not only buy yourself cheap and beautiful flowers, but you can also have extremely brilliant New Year welcome pictures!

- It is preferred to arrive around 10 p.m. because this is primarily a night market. At this time of year, the market will have a wider variety of flowers.
- Do not linger too long in front of the store.
- Always bargain the price of flowers, and avoid wearing white shoes because the market is always wet.

3. West Lake flower valley

Regarding the most beautiful Tet photography locations in Hanoi, it is definitely impossible to ignore the flower valley of West Lake. This place is known as a very popular young check-in site, especially on this occasion of the coming New Year. There are countless different kinds of flowers that you can admire, such as mustard flowers, vascular triangles, chrysanthemums, butterflies, …

The Flower Valley is located at the junction of Nhat Chieu Street – Water Park, with a large area of thousands of square meters growing all kinds of colorful flowers. At the end of the year, it has become a great shooting location for the youth of Hanoi.

Admission fee ranges from 80,000 VND for adults and about 50,000 VND for children.

- Please keep the communal area tidy.
- During festival season, this location will be extremely crowded, so arrive early.

4. Hoan Kiem Lake

Lying in the center of Hanoi Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake is a beautiful, peaceful place with a fascinating history.

Every Tet holiday comes, the shore of Hoan Kiem lake is crowded with young people coming here to take pictures. Every New Year to Spring comes like this, the Lake bank has a multitude of beautiful flower pots and plants, creating an extremely wide and romantic atmosphere.

Here you can take pictures of the trees along the lake, with the vermilion, The Huc bridge, or the Tortoise tower in the distance. What are you waiting for? Let's visit Hoan Kiem Lake to have long-lasting memories with beautiful pictures for the new year!

- Please help to preserve the overall landscape by not littering in or around the lake.
- To take better photos, you should wear bright colors such as red, yellow, and green because the space here is very bright.

5.Phung Hung Painting Street
Phung Hung Mural Street is one of the significant and extremely interesting places in this New Year 2023, you can visit spring travel photos in Hanoi! With masterpieces painted by talented artists on the walls stretching out Phung Hung street. It's a free-entry path, so you can comfortably come in for sights and to take the best photos.

From paintings of famous landmarks to customs, life, or extremely daily activities of the people of Hanoi, … Phung Hung Painting Street is truly a place that should not be missed during the occasion - the Vietnamese Lunar New Year!

- Arrive early to avoid overcrowding!
- For better photos, you should dress in traditional Vietnamese attire.

Khai Cam